Colour Days

Colour days are celebrated at Merton once every term to reinforce the colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) amongst the Nursery one and two pupils. Children and teachers come to school wearing clothes and carrying items depicting the colour being celebrated. […]

World Teachers Day

UNESCO proclaimed 5th October to be World Teacher Day in 1994, WTD sets forth the rights and responsibilities of teachers as well as international standards for their initial predation and further education, recruitment, teaching and learning conditions. World Teachers Day […]

Good Manners Day

Manners are important life skills which enable children to get along better with classmates, teachers and family members as well as learn socially acceptable and responsible behaviour. Our focus is mostly on the following manners, Table  manners ; children are […]

Grandparents Day

The celebration of Grandparents day is one of the institutionalized programmes of Merton Montessori School, which have been tried and tested. The day signifies love and respect for elders. Grandparents’ day began as the idea of one woman who inspired […]