Enrol Your Child at Merton Today

We have a nearly six decade-long track record of delivering holistic, conducive and world-class education to children in Ghana.

We use a blend of the best parts of the Montessori method of education and more traditional methods of teaching. At the appropriate stage for each individual child, children are introduced to phonetic reading and number work. The Merton curriculum also incorporates information technology (I.T), excursions, outdoor play, music, movement, games and study of not only the child’s immediate environment, but that of the world. A broad curriculum of hands-on learning and activities helps the children become more aware of themselves and their environment, while broadening their minds and stimulating their curiosity and creativity.

By the time your child leaves Merton, they have a head start in life.

Admission Process

To enroll your child at Merton and gain “the Merton Advantage” , you can follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the School premises. Our friendly staff will provide you with a tour of the school and provide you with pertinent information about Merton – our approach, our track record, our services and fees.
  2. Download and fill a registration form. Email it to admin@mertonmontessori.com or deliver it to Merton Montessori’s reception desk.
  3. Attend a new orientation. We want to get to know you and your child. We would like to meet children aged 2 or older so we can determine any unique needs and learning styles.
  4. Make payment to secure a spot. To fully enroll your child, you will need to pay an admission fee as well school fees. Please contact us for more details on our fees.
  5. Join the Merton Family.


A registration fee is payable to cover administrative costs associated with the admission process. The fee is non-refundable and must be paid prior to the start of the admission process. In the event that a student is denied admission or does not take up the offer of a place, the application fee is valid for the academic year for which it is paid plus one more academic year. For the Registration Fee rates, please contact the Admissions Office on 0264444403 or send a mail to admin@mertonmontessori.com

Admissions Period:

Admissions Fee: This is only paid once

Admissions Forms must be physically handed in at the school.

Parental Testimonial

Our child has settled in very well after my initial apprehension. His confidence level keeps growing. I am fully satisfied of the training being acquired here. I have no regret in bringing William to Merton.


About Merton:

Our curriculum is based on the Montessori Method of education, which is globally regarded by many child development experts as unsurpassed in its ability to help children achieve their full potential, not only in academic terms, but also in terms of character development.  We teach students along three core pillars: sensory development, academic skills (focused on numeracy and language), and practical life skills.

The Montessori Method seeks to help each child grow towards independence by building confidence, competence, self-esteem and respect for others.

To ensure that we are able to provide tailored instruction to our pupils, Merton’s class sizes are capped at 25 pupils, and have 2 and 3 adults for the kindergarten and nursery sections respectively. As such, our pupil-teacher ratio is as low as 8:1.

ADVENT- 1st Term (September – December)

LENT- 2nd Term (January-April)

TRINITY- 3rd Term (April – June)

SUMMER SCHOOL- (July – August)

School gates are open from 7: 00 am with a teacher on duty from 7:00 am

School hours are 8: 30 am – 1: 30 pm. We offer an after-school club for children who require additional support outside of regular school hours. All children must be picked up latest by 4:0 0pm.

School Services:

Merton has an onsite kitchen that provides nutritious and healthy meals for pupils. Parents have the option of ordering meals on a daily, weekly, monthly or termly basis for their wards. Every month the cook with the help of the administrator puts together a menu with dishes to serve. Two different dishes are prepared daily and parents are allowed to choose 1 meal for their child each day.  Seasonal fruits are served as desserts.

Merton does not provide a school bus to commute pupils from their homes to school and vice-versa. 

While we’ve hosted summer school programs in the past, we do not currently provide summer school or other vacation-based programs. However, where there is sufficient demand we will consider providing such programs.

Admissions & Fees:

We admit students between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. Depending on the age of the child being admitted. We conduct a basic assessment to understand their unique learning needs and their level of development.

Children graduate at 5 or 6 years to enter primary school Merton has a primary and secondary school department located at North Ridge off the Kanda highway.

Merton’s admission period officially kicks off in June for enrolment in September and continues on a rolling basis dependent on availability.

The admission fee is a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferable payment for all new pupils and must be paid in full on acceptance of an offered place at Merton Montessori. A place in a class is not guaranteed until this payment is officially received.

To obtain the full fee schedule for the academic year 2020 –please visit the Admissions Office at Merton Montessori, Osu Castle Road or contact 0264444403 or send a mail at admin@mertonmontessori.com

Please contact the Admissions Office at 0264444403 or mertonmontessorinurs@gmail.com for the latest fees.

Tuition fees MUST be paid within 2 weeks of the start of the term, any time later than that is considered late. The penalty for the late payment is suspension of the pupil until full payment is made and will attract a fee of 10 %. A full term’s fees is payable irrespective of the actual date of admission. In order to maintain a place for a child who will be absent for a full term or academic year, fees for that period must be paid in full. Otherwise pupils will be considered as new entrants and admitted when there is a vacancy. Places cannot be held for more than a year

At the moment, we provide a 10% discount for Parents who enrol 3 or more children.

Merton understands that travelling Parents or those transitioning may want to continue education for their child. So, we accept short stay pupils who may require enrolment for only a few months.

Continuation to Primary School:

Yes, Merton has a primary and high school, located at Kanda. Like the Montessori, Merton International School (MIS) is driven by a strong tradition of excellence. MIS offers the Cambridge International Primary Program, the Cambridge International General Secondary Certificate Education (IGCSE) Program and the Cambridge Advanced-Levels at sixth form.

Though both schools share the same C.E.O, they are separate legal entities and a pupil from the Montessori can only qualify to attend the Primary and High school by successfully sitting and passing an assessment exam, paying an admission fee and being offered an admission letter.

Our Track Record:

For over 50 years, we have pioneered early stage education in Ghana. We are one of the first Montessori schools in Ghana and are a trusted brand. We not only deliver Montessori education to children we also train other teachers.

Our teachers are highly qualified. They have between 5-30 years of experience in early childhood education

We have several Merton Montessori alumni who have attended MIS and gone on to study at universities such as Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, University of Ghana, KNUST. Many of our alumni are doctors, engineers, artists, bankers, lawyers and successful entrepreneurs. Notable alumni include: X,Y,Z.


  • We model appropriate behaviour; we praise, reward, and encourage the children.
  • We reason with and provide the children with logical consequences of their behavior.
  • We provide alternatives for inappropriate behavior to the children.
  • We DO NOT spank, shake, or otherwise physically punish the children.
  • We DO NOT make fun of or otherwise verbally abuse the children.
  • We DO NOT place the children in locked rooms, closets, or boxes as punishment.
  • We DO NOT withhold food, rest, or toilet use.
  • We DO NOT leave any child unattended.

With the rise of teacher brutality in the form of punishment meted out on children at school, prospective parents, understandably, always want to know what Merton does to discipline a child. At Merton we believe that discipline is an important component for classroom harmony. Therefore, the following discipline procedures are enforced:

First Offense:

A verbal warning is given, with an explanation of the offense.

Second Offense:

“Time Out” in the classroom under direct teacher supervision. Teacher will multiply one minute times the age of the child (a 4-year-old will sit in “time out” for 4 minutes)

Third Offense:

The teacher will call the administrator to the room to discuss with the child the offense for which he/she is being reprimanded.

Fourth Offense:

Parent will be contacted for a conference, with the approval of the administrator. The owner, administrator, teacher, and parents will discuss a solution to the particular offense.

School Policies:

It is expected that children would have been immunized against measles, tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria, typhoid and other communicable diseases as advised by the health authorities.

Parents must notify the Headmistress immediately if it becomes known that a child has been in contact with an infectious disease. Such children should be kept at home because of

  • The child’s discomfort
  • Spread of communicable disease.