Virtual Program

We are providing virtual learning options to Parents who prefer this method of education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents can opt for a blended approach or have a fully online experience. Our virtual program aims to ensure that students who are physically located outside the school are able to continue their learning in an immersive and vivid way.

We provide teaching materials (videos), lesson plans and printed homework to ensure that our virtual learners have access to the Merton advantage.

Virtual Benefits

Remote access to an array of educational services (topics and tutors) for your child
Safe and secure learning environment
Individualized learning process that takes into consideration the personal level of competence, individual needs, and different learning styles

The Merton online classes were very effective. The teachers were usually on time and stuck to the schedule provided to students and parents.

In times where changes were required, the students were notified in advance. The system worked so well and this obviously was due to the dedication of the Merton teachers and management as well as the discipline instilled in the students.

Students were never left waiting in the google classroom without any updates and there was active teaching. The classes via zoom were interactive; it was not just about posting work for the students to do. A lot of progress was made in terms of lessons and in addition, parents were updated and engaged on re-opening plans.

Thumbs-up to the Merton family for this!

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