Our Philosophy

At Merton Montessori School we believe:

  • Children are unique individuals and they each have different learning styles.
  • Children have immense potential.
  • Children do not learn or experience life in the same way as adults.

Based on this belief, we utilize the Montessori method of education to harness the potential of children. The Montessori method gives children the freedom to make choices and to pursue their choices without interruption, it encourages them to respect the choices made by those around, and also to take pleasure in their own accomplishments.

Teachers at Merton Montessori School seek to guide rather than control. They do not dictate knowledge but rather provide learning opportunities and an environment in which children acquire knowledge and, importantly, develop understanding.

At Merton, learning is encouraged rather than enforced. Our emphasis is on giving the child the opportunity to progress at their own speed. Free from tests, benchmarks and competitive pressures our students tend to excel, driven by their thirst for knowledge. Merton students begin reading as early as 3 years and by the time they graduate are avid readers, curious learners and eloquent individuals.

We have seen an impressive improvement in our child’s attitude to work and play. Her concentration has improved and she seems eager to complete her work. Nursery 1 has been a very important contribution to Maame’s development and we would like to say thank you to all the teachers and support staff involved. We look forward to the next phase. Thank you!

Ernest Osei-Poku


The Merton Advantage

At all stages, we facilitate learning along three pillars:  Sensorial, Language / Numerical and Practical Life Skills.


6 months - 2 years old

Our creche takes in infants from as young as 6 months to 2 years old.

We believe early stage education is the most pivotal learning period of a child’s educational journey and learning can never start too early. So our children at the creche stage learn to identify:

Nursery 1

aged 2-3 years

Thoughtfully designed for children aged 2-3 years.

Our Nursery 1 students learn to identify:

  • primary & secondary colors and basic and secondary shapes.
  • Numbers: 1- 10 / 1- 20
  • Letters: a – p and corresponding objects / pictures.
  • animals, flowers and parts of the human body

Nursery 2

Aged 3-4 years

Building on the strong foundation of Nursery 1, we support 3-4 year olds advance their learning. At this stage, they learn to identify

  • numbers 1- 50
  • Letters – a – z and corresponding objects / pictures
  • wild animals, domestic animals, flowers
  • parts of the human body and understand their functions.
  • Land and water forms.
  • Names of fruits and vegetables and their importance.
  • Plant and its parts.

Kindergarten 1

Aged 4-5 years

Our 4-5 year olds go beyond identification of numbers, letters, shapes and objects to developing their language, numerical and sensorial skills. They learn to:

  • Spell the names of colours, shapes and numbers
  • Count to a 100
  • Understand numerical concepts of addition, subtraction and comparison
  • write out alphabetical letters
  • Read two – four letter words, initial and final blends, double consonant blends, vowel sounds, rhyming words and high frequency words
  • Punctuate sentences
  • Identify primary and secondary colours

Kindergarten 2

Aged 5-6 years

In KG 2, we prepare our 5-6 year olds to enter primary school education. We reinforce all that they have learned from creche and solidify their foundation. They learn to:

  • identify primary and secondary colours and shapes.
  • spell colour names, shapes and numbers
  • understand the properties of shapes.
  • identify numbers 1-200
  • understand and apply a wide range of numerical concepts
  • write out alphabetical letters
  • Read two – four letter words, initial and final blends, double consonant blends, vowel sounds, rhyming words and high frequency words
  • Punctuate sentences and use punctuation marks
  • Use articles
  • Identify primary and secondary colours

Co-Curricular Activities

At Merton learning does not end in the classroom. We provide a wide range of co-curricular activities to create a holistic education for our students

  1. STEM – ICT education is provided to equip children for the digital era
  2. Language – French is offered to our students from Nursery 1 upwards
  3. Dance & Movement – we teach children to express themselves and exercise their bodies through dance and physical activity
  4. Special Projects –
  5. Excursions – to the Zoo and other places around Accra to learn through exploration

Virtual Learning at Merton

In response to COVID-19, Merton is providing online learning options for students and parents.

The Merton Way

All curriculum activities help foster a positive self-image in the child and facilitates their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.