Mrs Elizabeth Baitie Welcome message

Welcome to Merton Montessori School.

On behalf of the Board and Management thank you for visiting our website.

Merton Montessori is a private preschool, nursery and kindergarten which has been in existence for over 5 decades serving the local Ghanaian and expatriate communities in Ghana. For almost 60 years, we have provided world-class Montessori education designed to give children in Ghana a head start in life.

Merton Montessori is a special place and our competitive advantage begins with our tried and tested commitment towards our mission to:

Merton is committed to a strong tradition of excellence in education through the delivery of the Montessori method of education, which nurtures confident independent and life – long learners.

We are committed to a strong tradition of excellence through the Montessori method of education which nurtures and develops confident assertive and lifelong learners. Our alumni succeed at all levels of education and often have an unparalleled head start at the Primary school level.

At Merton, we provide a safe and caring environment where children can gain a positive approach to school and learning. Our children learn to care for and respect each other while learning to be part of a group. Our pupils are assertive, articulate and creative. Their talents, unearthed and fostered by our robust & holistic curriculum and our dedicated teachers, are made visible to proud family members every term during project presentations and school events such as plays, recitals and more.

As an educator with over 37 years of experience at the nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary level, I know from first-hand experience the transformative impact of a strong early-childhood education. It can make all the difference. So, join the Merton family today and benefit from the Merton advantage!!

I welcome you to read through this website to learn why Merton is the right choice for the world’s future leaders, artists and change-makers.

Warm regards,

Mrs Elizabeth Baitie
CEO & Principal