Project Work Presentation

At Merton, we recognize that young children have limitless potential to learn and develop key skills.  We aim to give these children a happy and crucial head start in their education and to lay the emotional, physical and mental foundation for future academic work.

Using a blend of the best parts of the Montessori method of education and more traditional methods of teaching, we help 犀利士 children to become curious learners. Our method of teaching enables them to become aware of their environment and to leverage all their senses and innate strengths to develop their cognitive and emotional intelligence.

Merton has become known for its “tradition of excellence”. Our tradition of providing high-quality education is supported by our well-trained staff body who have between 5-25 years of delivering world-class child-centric education and who are led by the Principal: Mrs Elizabeth Baitie, a trained teacher with over 35 years in teaching and 25 years in management.

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