Harvest & Thanksgiving

This is an occasion when the virtues of generous giving is inculcated into Merton children (Our Future Leaders) to give back to the society some of  what God has blessed them with.

Donations to Ayi Bonte (a deprived community), the Teshie Orphanage, the Osu Children’s Home, the Baptist School Complex and Orphanage, the children’s ward at Ridge Hospital and an Orphanage in the Northern Region are some of the places Merton have made donations to for the past years, such donations have been warmly received with great excitement by children in t犀利士 hese homes.

Each year, we appeal to our Parents through the children to contribute generously to this good cause of reaching out to the marginalized, less privileged and needy in the society – for such is one of our greatest calls of humanity.

The support we have received from Parents over the years have been most overwhelming, donations in the form of old clothes, shoes, books, toys, fruits, provisions and cash are received, sorted, accounted for and distributed to these homes.

The Harvest and thanksgiving event is held in the second week of November each year, with Parents, staff and children in attendance, items received are displayed and prayed over and distributed. Soon after the event the edibles donated are sent to the Ridge Hospital, whilst the others are sent on a later date to the orphanages/homes.

Merton is proud of the event on her calendar, simply because of the smiles these donation put on the faces of the less privileged.

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