Grandparents Day

The celebration of Grandparents day is one of the institutionalized programmes of Merton Montessori School, which have been tried and tested. The day signifies love and respect for elders.

Grandparents’ day began as the idea of one woman who inspired other dedicated people to follow her lead and join her campaign to establish a special day for grandparents. Today, Grandparents Day is celebrated by millions of people throughout the world, who take the opportunity to honor their parents and grandparents, to visit other older friends and relatives and to recognize the wisdom, strength and lasting contributions of seniors everywhere.

Grandparents Day just like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is celebrated annually. It is a time for family celebration and a chance to honor the important role grandparents play in a child’s live. Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near- past, to the events and beliefs and experience that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us. Whether they are our own or surrogate grandparents, they fill some of the gaps in our society, and provide our society a link to our National heritage and traditions.

Merton considers it a privilege to host an event to honor our grandparents. We not only recognize what a treasure our children have in their grandparents but we also recognize the impact their support, monetary and otherwise have on the school. Merton would not possess the academic excellence and vitality it does without the generosity, love and support of our grandparents.

Costumes for the event is African Wear, children are dressed like grandparents for rec犀利士 itals, and teachers also wear Old time clothing.


  • To honor grandparents whether biological/adopted or elders we look up to.
  • To give grandparents an opportunity to show love to their children’s children.
  • To help children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.
  • To promote intergenerational appreciation and activities.


  • Grandparents, our pride in the 21st century and beyond.


  • Story Telling; allowing grandparents to relate stories of their past, enlightening children about “the good old days”. These stories were told on Fridays by Teachers or invited Grandparents.
  • Games for grandparents and grandchildren such as Board games (ludo, chess) ampe, etc.
  • Creating “Family recipe book” or “Grandma’s Secret Recipe Book”. We display a variety of family foods both local and continental depending on the background of the family. A book is created with the family’s name, food name and the recipe.
  • Display of olden days clothing line
  • Children learn rhymes and songs about grandparents.
  • Video Tape interviews with some grandparents.
  • Project work for kindergarten and nursery two children and their grandparents. An award is given to the best project work. Children create Family albums containing fun things or moments between grandparents, parents and grandchildren or any older person children look up to.
  • Pick and act, Musical chairs & Dancing competition
  • Creating “The Merton Family Tree”. Using pictures of the founders of the school right down to the teachers, past children and present children of Merton Montessori.
  • Sharing experiences by grandparents
  • Dance and Recitals by children and teachers

Art and craft activities

Bead Making, Colouring, Scrapbooks are created, Cut and paste activities, Take- home cards and college.

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